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ps foam lunch box machine

1.produce ps foam food container, lunch boxes quality production line
3.30 years

1. Different capacity meet your requirements
2. CE & ISO standard
Foam Food Container Packing Machine(TY-1040) Include 3 sets of machine
1. PS Foam Sheet Extruder
2. Fully Auto Forming and Cutting Machine
3. Recycling Machine

This line can make PS foam tray, absorbent foam tray for meat, foam burger box, foam fast food box, foam egg tray, foam bowls and so on.

A. The raw material is General purpose polystyrene (GPPS) .
B.The general process flow of the ps foam food container machine as below:
aa. The ps foam sheet is made by the ps foam sheet extruder
bb. The foam sheet shaped by the vacuum forming unit, cut the shaped sheet into finish products and stack.
cc. The sheet scrap will be recycled by the recycling machine .
C. Brief discription of PS foam food box production line.
PS Foam Sheet Extruder (TYPSP-90/120):
It adopts Gentian type double-stage series high foam technology.
The raw material is general polystyrene granule.
In the extruding process, foam agent such as butane gas or LPG is injected at high pressure.
After extruding , foaming, cooling, shaping and hauling off, it is winding to finished ps foam sheet rolls.