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ps fast food container machine

1.sheet thickness 1-3.5mm
2.sheet width 640-1040mm
3.sheet capacity

The whole line of PS food container machine mainly including three machines:
The work flow is as follows:
raw material---(ps foam sheet extrusion line)---foam sheet---(food box forming machine )---food box---(plastic recycle machine)---plastic granulars( this part can be used as raw material)----foam sheet.
PS foam sheet extruder: make PS foam sheet from raw material.

2. Fully auto forming and cutting machine: make PS sheet to finished products, such as PS foam tray, PS foam box etc (we can design mould according to customer requirements)
You can produce many different kinds product with different mould. And we make the mould according to your product sample. Yes just as I send you the pictures, it is different product with different mould.

3. Plastic recycle machine: recycle waste products to granules, the can mix with new material and put into PS foam sheet extruder again, it can save your cost for the raw material.

1. PS Foam Sheet Extruder uses a tandem screw technology to produce fine-blocked cell-structured extruded
Polystyrene foam sheet with high strength and a pearly and even surface, in a continuous roll, from Polystyrene injecting
an eco-friendly blowing gas and additives. It has a user-friendly operating system with Inverter controlled driving, Digital Temperature control
2. Automatic PS foam food box Vacuum Forming Line Fully automatic vacuum forming machine integrate forming, cutting and trimming at the same time. It can be used for processing
almost all kinds of plastic sheet such as PS Foam Sheet, PS, PET, PVC, HIPS, PP
sheet. It adopts PLC controller and touch screen to control the working program.
It is a simple and convenient way for unskilled operator, which is cable of
operation by the separated Control panel
3. Recycling machine is special for polystyrene. It adopts single screw, double stage
lasticification, increasing compress ratio. The whole machine consists of crusher, main machine, cooling tank and granulator. It can recyle many foamed products, such as PS, XPS, EPS etc.